Helenc Spalding

Our morning is incomplete without meeting our best friend, coffee! It energizes us instantly and helps us to kick-start the day. However, it becomes more rejoicing if someone offers us the coffee rather than going to the kitchen and making it, isn’t it? I being a housewife can understand how difficult it becomes to get up early, make a refreshing beverage along with a healthy breakfast, get the kids ready, and drop them to the school and come back home only to start the boring routine again! So, I thought why not ease the morning and make it more relaxed by purchasing the best drip coffee maker! I believe that a coffee maker should be everyone’s kitchen tool as it will immediately offer you the right brew without complaining or showing any type of mood swings!

Before I can take you to the various product reviews to help you get your drip coffee maker just like I did, it is important to know the difference between coffee presses and drip coffee makers. Coffee presses are also known as French presses that require no electricity to make the soothing coffee. All you need to do is heat water in a separate kettle and pour it to the French press. It offers absolute control over the temperature of the water and at the same time extracts the essential oils to make the coffee strong.