Helen Chin

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have a strong passion to cook, create, combine food through experimenting and exploring the various method of preparing them and mixing them with different foods, fruits and herbs and loves to entertain my friends.

In this blog, I want to make foods as a tool of communication with the hope of building a healthy family, and friends relationship in this modern life, which you don’t see it happening. Everybody is too busy working and have no time to sit, get to know each other and chat.

These recipes are gathered from various internet publishing, top chefs, TV cooking programs, my Facebook, Google plus circle, magazines and some are my own recreation from recipe published to enhanced the main core of this blog.

Foods on my table should be vibrant colors, healthy, right texture and taste great in the palette and satisfy family, friends and my stomach. I believe good food makes it possible to bring family, and friends together no matter what language, nationality or religious.

If you are serious about building a healthy relationship, the best approach is through foods. These recipes that I would and have compiled, republished, recreated provide a solid foundation which you can build your communication and relationship by cooking,trying and putting them on your table for family and friends.

I hope you too can enjoy these recipes as much as I have enjoyed and share it with your friends or even share your recipes and comment on the recipes with me.

Bon Appetite!!!!!!

  • Education
    • Convent Green Lane, Penang
    • Charles Sturt University