Helen Bang

Bonnybridge, Scotland

Writer, line dance teacher, gardener, mum. I like pebbled beaches, dancing the tango, drinking coffee and people-watching.

In my working life I have written promotional literature for charities, sold advertising space, designed promotional stands, sold lingerie and taught dance classes. I have also run playgroups and organised litter picks and Eco Days. I’ve been a copywriter, secretary, receptionist, telesales exec, shop assistant and childminder - all useful experience for a writer.


• POO! THE MUSICAL – stage play. A responsible dog has to persuade his irresponsible owner to clean up after him so he can impress the dog of his dreams. An eco show for schoolchildren to perform, winner of two anti-litter awards.

• CHICKEN LICKEN WAS RIGHT – screenplay. Comedy feature - a hapless scientist has to overcome the PR might of Big Oil in order to alert the world to the threat of global warming.

• STUPID CUPID - screenplay. A romance addict pursues the man of her dreams, but learns that her ideal partner will only appear when she lets go of her romantic delusions.

• HUNT ROYAL - screenplay. An historical adventure story. On the run, with a price on his head, a young king must pass himself off as a servant if he is to evade the religious fanatic hot on his tail and escape to freedom.

• THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL – screenplay and stageplay. An aristocrat who rescues people from the guillotine during the French Revolution has to find a way to continue when his enemy discovers his true identity.

• IN TRANSIT - play. Contributing writer on this play which premiered at the GRV in Edinburgh, November 2009

“All this said, there a those standout moments and performances. Helen Bang’s two offerings, Flo’s Story and Friends Reunited are fantastic examples of the art of creating and developing characters over a short time to deliver a nicely unexpected ending. From review by Thom Dibdin.

“Some of the standalone stories leave you wishing for a little more in terms of exposition or length; but that is more to do with the quality of the writing and characterisation than a criticism of their content. Two in particular – bittersweet slices of human observation penned by Helen Bang – are particularly effective and moving, and could easily form the basis for larger pieces in their own right.” From Review in the Edinburgh Spotlight.