Musician in Geneva, Switzerland


Musician in Geneva, Switzerland

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Hello and Welcome.

I am French, English, American.

I love life and people.

I enjoy making anyone 🙂

I have a great sense of humor – sometimes tongue-in-cheek.

Mommy to two very adorable young children known as the Poppets – on the left and right.

I am a concert pianist.

I also play and sing jazz and rock both on my own and with my band – we perform all around the world.

My very lovely husband known as Gooƒy is a cardiothoracic surgeon who, I am told, is excellent – on the very few occasions he is sober...

I am working for the preservation and protection of wildlife and endangered species in my beloved Kenya where I have a game reserve. We have had no poachers and no animals have been killed.

I am expanding into other countries – I am determined to stop the needless killing of beautiful animals for their ivory etc.

I work very hard – I play very hard.

I adore entertaining at home and cooking for friends and family which I do regularly.

Young children come too which is lovely for the Poppets.

The sound of all their laughter is music to my ears and gives me immense pleasure.

Food is 💗

My husband, children, music, opera, travel, F1, tennis, skiing, sailing, architecture, design, art, painting, history, photojournalism, and movies are some of my passions – not always in that order!

I am happiest at home with my family and close friends.