Helene Ost


Helene Ost


Bonjour ! My name is Helene. I am French, born and raised in Normandy, and I live in Pensacola.

I am offering to teach you French. I will adapt my teaching to what works best for you. I use different kind of materials : songs for young and older kids , movies, visuals, articles and if you are learning French at school, I will make sure that i stick to whatever program you are following, helping you with your tests and cheering you on all the way !

I also use and strongly believe in oral repetition and provide videos every week where I record my voice with whatever we have just worked on.

You will see : learning another language is fun and enriching. Do not be afraid of making mistakes…in learning languages, nothing feels better than getting it right after getting it wrong ☺

Wether you are wanting to improve your existing skills in French, or you have a child who needs help with his/her French studies or you are just planning a future trip to France and you would like a couple survival tips, I encourage you to contact me.

I offer a free first session (3Omin.) where we can chat a little bit. It’s a great way for me to introduce myself and discuss your goals so that I can customize my teaching and meet your needs.

Here are three ways we can make it happen :

-one on one, in a public place such as a library or café.

-small group sessions, where you can learn together with your friends or family

-skype sessions from the comfort of your home!

Would you need help editing or translating a document in French ? I am available for that also.I worked part-time as a translator in France for the last 4 years and I am currently tutoring individuals (from Pensacola State College and from the Pensacola area.)

My hourly rate is 30$ per person