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The 4-hole diatonic harmonica keyring is designed for one single purpose, and that is to offer you better control over your harmonica. You can easily lose a harmonica in your luggage or large wallet, so it's a good idea to store it the best way that you can. It's one of those things that can totally do wonders, and the experience on its own can really impress and deliver good results all the time. That being said, the 4-hole diatonic harmonica keyring is also great to play. Since this has only 4 holes, it's quite limiting when it comes to the music that you can create. But it's always offering a broad perspective and the experience on its own will be quite distinctive and powerful. That's why you need to check it out, so you will be quite happy with the way everything works. This is not the ultimate harmonica, but it's a cute thing to own and have, and you will be quite amazed with it and the sounds it makes. It's a solid purchase especially if you want a cool harmonica gift for someone.