Helene Kozma

Nationally acclaimed educator Helene Kozma received her Master’s of Science degree in Leadership in Higher Education from Capella University, her Masters in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University, and her Bachelor of Arts in English from Adelphi University. Before becoming an instructor, she acquired five years of business experience working as an administrative assistant and financial analyst, conducting analyses and evaluations of numerous outside companies in order to make recommendations of financials from merchandisers to weigh the benefits of her corporation doing business with them. Helene Kozma is now a professor at Sacred Heart University and at Housatonic Community College in Connecticut, where she maintains Professional Educator licensures and certifications in Business and English. Over the past decade, Helene Kozma has taught a variety of communication and rhetoric courses at her alma mater Sacred Heart, and her range of classes has included Business Communications, Effective Communications, Rhetoric: The Research Paper, and Enriched Introduction to Rhetoric. She is currently still teaching Business Communication at Sacred Heart, and she divides the coursework into four segments: written, oral, interpersonal, and group communication skills. She strives to incorporate extensive internet usage and technology applications into as many of her assignments as possible in order to educate her students on how to use technology to their advantage in the corporate setting. Helene Kozma has been teaching at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut since 2001, and the classes she has instructed consist of Developmental Studies, Keyboarding for Information Processing, and Developmental English. In the past, Helene Kozma also taught at St. Vincent's College, where the classes under her instruction included Introduction to Information Systems, Keyboarding, English Composition, Developmental Reading and Writing, and Communications. She also spent two rewarding semesters as the Faculty Tutor in the student Writing Center. In addition to her academic and teaching experience, Helene Kozma was the online reviewer for a Developmental English textbook published by Pearson Education and a former officer in Toastmasters, a nonprofit educational organization focused on assisting their members improve their commutation skills.