Helen KariKari

Helen KariKari

Helen Karikari is very highly trained in the arts and technical proficiencies of operatic singing, completing training at the Royal Opera House, Opera Workout, with the City Opera and under Agnes Kory with the renowned Bela Bartok School of Musicianship, as well as participating in master classes with opera stalwarts including Dame Rosalind Plowright, John Tomlinson, Christopher Cowell, Andrew Sinclair and Catherine Wyn Rogers.

Although this training is very impressive and has honed her technical capabilities, nothing can compare to the experience of singing professionally on stage in front of a full and live audience. Luckily Helen Karikari has gained live performance experience by the sold-out house load.
Helen Karikari has spent years gradually building up her profile, with every performance more people fall under her spell and remember her name for the next time they go to see opera. Helen Karikari has been performing publicly since 2002 when she sang the role of Servilia in Mozart’s La Clemenza Di Tito (The Clemency of Titus) for a performance of the Floral Opera.

Since then Helen Karikari has been invited to sing in full operas and concerts for weddings, recitals and memorials across the globe.

In the UK Helen Karikari has sung professionally at the Hampstead Garden Theatre, Opera Workout, City Opera, West London Opera, Operafesta, Opera for All, and the Riverside Players in Kent as well as at the famous Bela Bartok Centre of Musicianship.

Throughout her career Helen Karikari hasn’t just sung in the UK but has also been asked to sing for events in Chile, the USA and even as far away as Japan, each new country represents a new audience for Helen Karikari and new opportunities facing different performance environments for her to hone her abilities.

In all of these incredible locations Helen Karikari has worked in casts with other wonderful singers, directors and produces, each of whom she has been able to witness and learn from.

For more information on Helen Karikari, her experience, her professional skills for casting or for opportunities to see her performing live check out her website.