Helen Kula

Helen Kula

I connect those who need knowledge or information with the sources, tools and know-how required to move them forward. I also like to do what librarians are good at - organizing stuff.

My past gig taught me a lot about data - how to manage, analyze, visualize and make products out of it. My current role is teaching me a lot about instruction, management education, and how to innovate when some folks aren't so sure that's a good thing.

I'm crazy about startups. I'm a planner and list-maker. I like starting things. I'm always curious about tech, business and people. I like to write and edit, and am a closet marketer.

I love being a librarian who has spent most of her career outside a library.

Most importantly, I'm married and a mother of two. And in my spare time, I like to bake and sleep but not at the same time.