Helen Dummett

If we only had a sentence it would be :

Mother, Sister, Wife, horder of shoes, scifi fan, christian with a big heart and mouth.

My elevator pitch would be :

I am a hard working, straight talking determined and stuborn person. I was born in Newcastle but spent my childhood in Germany, which explains a lot. I am one of five children, no other family to speak off, but we are all still close. I am married to a very understanding man and have all grown up 16 year old who no longer needs me except for money. All in all pretty normal end to a not so normal childhood.

I work in Marketing, love the spin on life being "grand" if only you had this and its all about common sense really, and in the absence of intelligence have plenty of that ! Live in Oxfordshire, but I'm a northern girl who ended up in the middle. Bit like most of my body really.