Helen Morey

Mother, Project Manager, and Writer in New York

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I have worked in/with and understand multiple fields and disciplines, and my talent is in being able to see the connections among them and mix them up in meaningful, connected, and more productive ways.

My passion is in continuing to expand that palette of skill and in innovating and refining workflow patterns -- whether they be across fields or spanning old and new ways of craftsmanship.

My talent is in bringing the disparate perspectives of the individuals in each of those areas to a common agenda based on understanding how and why and where their unique field impacts or draws from others. When that happens, work doesn’t just get done – it flourishes.

Deliver quantifiable ops- and project-portfolio leadership to organizations ranging from interactive start-ups to global advertising agencies.

Former litigation attorney with experience spanning advertising, start-up enterprise and venture capital.

Aptly able to quickly analyze large quantities of information rapidly, assess complex operational constructs, and translate the entirety into quantifiable process and ROI.

Strong collegial approach without compromising IRR or clear accountability/roles and responsibilities.

- Corporate operations: Start-up to established, pre-acquisition to post-merger
- Digital transformation technologies
- Enterprise project team and PMO development and management

Fellow Health & Well-Being Peeps: I am a long-term cancer and multiple health issue survivor/thriver and a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach in Post Modern Nutrition. Through my LLC, Flourishment, I develop and support opportunities to use technology for the advancement and benefit of food chain, environmental and plant-based lifestyle education.

J.D., B.A., Board Certified HHC, AADP. Member, IAHC.

Artwork is "A Test of Skill" by the artist Kevin Radthorne.

  • Education
    • Boston University School of Law
    • Boston College
    • Institute for Integrative Nutrition