Teresa Joseph-Franklin

Songwriter and Poet in Liverpool

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Teresa Joseph Franklin
About my life as a poet which I might add started just over a year ago in February 2012. I write on different subjects/topics ranging from thoughtful, thought provoking, creepy scary to funny and stunningly beautiful. What gives me inspiration to write poetry can be on life situations to people watching in the street whilst sitting having lunch or coffee, or it could be an image that I have seen on a website or in a magazine.
Life for me as a poet is very quiet at present. I am divorced and enjoying the independence to write poetry. My three sons have flown the nest, but are proud of their mum’s achievements to date,
I live in a quiet sleepy village that is in Dorset. United Kingdom, which is steeped in Lawrence of Arabia and Thomas Hardy history, Tess of the D’Urbervilles was filmed here at Wool Bridge Manor and Lawrence of Arabia lived just a few miles away.

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