Helen Overmoyer

Customer service, Logistics, and Animal Welfare in Los Angeles, California

Though I'll always be an east coast girl at heart, I was drawn to the beauty of California in 2003.

I wrangle my left-brain and right-brain skills daily, which keeps things interesting. Organization and methodology have always been a strong suit, but my creative side also rears its head often.

My experience ranges from down and dirty animal care to administrative nonprofit assistance to event operations and database management.

Because I was raised with a sense of community and service, I have a strong interest in CSR and volunteering with nonprofits, primarily animal welfare organizations. Starting as a teen, I volunteered at zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers. Currently, I am a keeper/animal care volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Vegetarian - borderline vegan - I care greatly for our food culture and how we treat the plants, animals, and people within it.

  • Work
    • UBM
  • Education
    • Allegheny College