Helen Pelipecki

Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

I'm a thousand women in one. I'm thankful for new beginnings and for our ability as humans of reinventing ourselves. Being a born Brazilian with Polish and Spanish background, I lived for three years and a half in the United States before deciding to make the Czech Republic, most specifically Prague, my new "home". Because of transitioning between different languages and cultures, I've become a chameleon and adjustable to any setting. I'm a perfectionist by nature. I am a born storyteller. I've studied Tourism, Language Arts and Translation, passed through Logistics to land in my current passion for International Affairs, Intercultural Communication, Digital Marketing/PR and Social Media. As Gandhi would say, I live to be the difference I want to see in the world - I'm passionate about efforts related to fighting for human and civil rights, adoption, human trafficking and environmental issues - efforts that bring CHANGE! Non-governmental organizations like Habitat For Humanity, Not For Sale, International Justice Mission and World Vision have my heart - I'm aware of the responsability of being a voice to the voiceless. Volunteering causes me to see beyond my own eyes and allow me to lend my hands to those in true need. From personal experience, I can tell you that education has the capacity of transforming lives - it has changed mine. My incredibly curious spirit has made me an eternal student of everything: the day I stop learning, I die. I've fallen in love with getting lost in different cultures and languages in order to find myself. Through learning new languages, I've unlocked the potential to experience different realities. I'm always planning my next trip - traveling is my drug of choice. This world is way too big for me to be stuck in just one place. There's always something beautiful out there to be seen, new knowledge to be gained, new perspectives to be discovered - all you need is getting up, packing and leaving!

  • Education
    • University of Sao Paulo
    • Kennesaw State University