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Title: HUMANOLABS Garcinia Cambogia Core+ (180 X 778mg capsules)
Why HUMANOLABS™ Garcinia Cambogia Core+ is so special
In clinical trials, up to 2800mg/day of HCA was utilized. Many competing products claim that their product delivers enough HCA to be effective. However, in the two largest clinical trials conducted 2800mg/day of HCA was used to test the efficacy of Garcinia. Ours is the only product to deliver enough HCA to match the dosage given in clinical trials.
Our products are tested by an independent 3rd party lab for purity and potency we test and then we make these lab results available to you. Why do we do this? So that when you purchase a HUMANOLABS product you know exactly what you're getting. If you'd like to find more information on garcinia cambogia, check out all of the information to be had at our site.