Helen Ton

North Vancouver, British Colombia

I am shy, I am quiet and I have a strong charisma. I only talk to stranger if being force. People will find me unfriendly and cold but in fact I just don't know how to begin a conversation and to talk smoothly.

However, come closer and you will see.

I am crazy, I am clumsy and I am lively. I am really nice with my friends and you will find me friendly.

I love art since I was born. My dad and one of my sister loves art, pictures and crafts. My mom loves math, calculate is her favorite, especially money. My oldest sister finds talking and hanging out is her best. And finally I am a mixture of all of them. Lucky and unlucky at the same time. I am capable with many things but also I'm not the best at anything.

  • Work
    • Bodwell High School
  • Education
    • High School Student