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Artist and Writer in Berkshire UK

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I am an artist, fabric designer, photographer, writer and researcher based in Berkshire, UK.

Self-taught in the use of oil paints, my work has been widely exhibited and hangs in collections all around the world. Diversification into digital processes is now allowing me to develop a multifarious combination of brushstrokes and digital techniques, making use of my experience as a painter and photographer to work in many layers on a desktop to create a new genertion of artworks. This, combined with a a lifelong passion for textiles, has led to the creation of a collection of fabric designs for modal, cashmere and silk scarves and more via conscious clothing brand Vida. This appeals to my long-held conviction that art should not be limited to a small area of a wall but used to enhance and communicate positivity in all aspect of our daily lives.

My art is available to license via Bridgeman, to purchase as originals via my website helenwhite.org and as a wide range of ready-to-hang print formats via my digital collection at helenwhite.uk and numerous other print on demand partners. It has everything to do with health, wellness and positivity, since it evolved alongside my own recovery journey following a health crisis.

Since turning my life upside down in order to recover from chronic health issues twelve years ago, I have also become an avid researcher, self-discoverer and prolific writer, including for a series of self-help books and for Medium. A main outlet is my Living Whole blog, where I share what I hope to be useful anecdotes and information to do with healing the body from that modern phenomenon, the chronic "mystery" health condition. I also write the long-running Spinning the Light, which is a free-for-all on very diverse topics, not to mention my extremely positive "spin" on life.

Its fair to say my life has transformed since I was woken up by my crashing health over a decade ago and this experience fuels all of my offerings as artist, writer and human being.

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