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Artist and Writer in Berkshire UK

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It took a health crisis for me to pick up a paintbrush and some oil paints, in my mid 30s. Those paints came to my rescue when they fell out of a messy cupboard at just the right time, and using them came naturally from the start. Painting became like a daily meditation and really helped me on my healing path whilst opening new doors of possibility. Within two years, I had been invited to exhibit as a regular at a prestigious gallery and so began a full-time art career.

My paintings have since been exhibited in galleries across several counties in the UK and beyond and are held in private collections internationally. More recently, I have focussed upon internet exposure. Diversification into digital processes is now allowing me to develop a multifarious combination of brushstrokes and digital techniques, making use of my experience as a painter and photographer to work in many layers on a desktop to create a new generation of artworks. This, combined with a a lifelong passion for textiles, has led to the creation of a collection of fabric designs for luxury scarves, bags and interior products. This appeals to my long-held conviction that art should not be limited to a small area of a wall but used to enhance and communicate positivity in all aspect of our daily lives.

Though my work is diverse, my core subject is 'light' or, more particularly, those moments of intense radiance that are as transformative as they are fleeting. Colours are vibrant and bold yet there is a subtle energetic quality (beyond the visual) that holds the potential to harmonise the viewer's inner state. Both my subject matter and style are open to continuous evolution in a journey that feeds a passion for art that never grows stale.

My orignal art can be viewed at helenwhite.org, licensed via Bridgeman and is available as framed or unframed fine art prints and on a range of fabrics, fashion and lifestyle accents from the helenwhite.store.

I am an avid health and lifestyle researcher and writer, published in 2011 as a contributor to a best selling series of self-help books and via my two long-established blogs. Whilst Spinning the Light is a free-for-all on the broad themes of mindfulness and positivity, Living Whole is focussed on the topic of my recovery journey from Fibromyalgia, MCAS, PoTs, Chronic Fatigue and Post Viral Syndromes and dealing with the challenges of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Asperger's.

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