Helga Dalla

BioHacker, Photojournalist, and Health Influencer in Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Helga Dalla, is a passionate Photojournalist, Author and entrepreneurial Health & Life BioHacker who lives on the Sunshine Coast.

She is the author of ‘A World of Twins’ book series and has photographed hundreds of sets of twins and triplets, winning national and international awards.

On March 15 2015, Helga’s life was thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Conventional drug based treatments made her ill and depressed. Fuelled by her own personal health challenge she set out to find natural health solutions.

Enlightened by her success she felt compelled to share her journey of healing to help others.

Helga is on a mission to reach and inspire others about alternative healing options and to disrupt the reliance people have on doctors and to show them there are new natural ground-breaking discovers to help people.

To expand the sharing, Helga has created the charity ‘Advancing Health Naturally.org’, focusing on raising funds for research and development of natural products and therapies that help enable communities around the globe.

Helga’s belief is that disease can be prevented and reversed through what people eat and what they think. On February 01 2019, Helga launched her L.E.A.P ‘Ladies Energy Activator Program’to inspire middle aged women who are suddenly dealing with health issues to reverse their symptoms, design their own personal health plan and reclaim their lives so they can gain peace, energy and renewed health.

She is currently developing an online coaching system and interview series to help those struggling with health challenges by sharing real healing success stories and collaborating with others to create an evidence based All Natural Health Directory.

When not travelling, interviewing, photographing or inspiring others, you can find her walking her fur baby on the beach, practicing yoga or spending time with her family and grandchildren.

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