Helgar Pedrini

Helgar Pedrini came to the United States from his native country of Uruguay in 1970 hoping to create a better life for himself like so many immigrants before him. After working a number of sales jobs in various fields, Helgar Pedrini was hired by Intersound, Inc. of Los Angeles, an audio dubbing company specializing in translation, adaptation, and recording of television shows and movies into Latin American Spanish. Helgar Pedrini’s excellent command of neutral Spanish quickly led to a rapid rise in duties and responsibilities during his time at Intersound, Inc. He soon found himself working 12-hour days or longer performing voice-over work. He was already familiar with this type of work from his time spent at local radio and television stations in South America. Helgar Pedrini’s repertory of voice-over dubbing for various actors and roles grew rapidly at Intersound, Inc. and he was soon directing projects for clients. In 1983 after realizing he had accumulated enough experience to strike out on his own, Helgar Pedrini founded Spanish Production Group (SPG STUDIOS) with his then fiancée Nora. Located in Burbank, California, SPG STUDIOS quickly established a reputation for excellence in the specialized field of post- production sound work. Helgar Pedrini’s timing proved impeccable as HBO had launched HBO Español and began working with SPG STUDIOS, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and established reputation for meeting rush deadlines and excellence in customer service. Helgar Pedrini’s SPG STUDIOS has since grown to its present status as a major post-production service for television and movies alike. SPG STUDIOS has expanded to include four new recording studios, state-of-the-art Dolby surround sound mixing rooms, an HD theatrical production stage, along with seven production offices. SPG STUDIOS has provided post-production for such popular television shows as “America’s Most Wanted,” “The George Lopez Show,” and “Kingpin,” as well as major motion pictures such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the last seven Harry Potter films, just to name a few.