Helge Karl Nyhamn

Family master, Creative, and Landscape Engineer in Akershus, Norge

I am Educated as an landscape engineer at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås in 2013-2016. Before that I studied Architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem) 1999-2001.

I am especially interested in the human environment, our relation to space and nature. How bounding occurs and facilitating for interaction with our souroundings and cohabitants. Besides I belive in a divine purpose of making the best out of our lives.

Once I worked as a web-designer, once I was teacher, once I was a public servant, once so many different things, but always my creative self. Always in flux to learn by doing.

  • Education
    • Landscape Engineer
    • Norwegian University of Life Sciences