Helgi Gudmundsson

Student, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Hello :-)

An Icelander originally, I live in Göteborg with my wife and 2 boys.

I have a passion for working with people to develop the resources and skills to improve their lives - in particular I am fascinated to explore what drives our human behaviour and understand how we can influence that.

I run workshops and seminars on what I´ve come to believe are "keystone skills" - i.e. the type of skills that when we get better at them tend to have a ripple effect into many other skillsets, habits and behaviour... speaking skills being one easy example. On the flipside, I also work with people developing their own insights and solutions through coaching and hold an ICF coaching diploma.

In my spare time I love reading, cooking, martial arts (Krav Maga) and social dancing (Tango & Salsa)... pretty much in that order.

If you live in Göteborg, I´d love the opportunity to connect and have a conversation with you about working together... if you live somewhere else, I´d love to connect with you through social media. Please check out my business website or get in touch via LinkedIn.

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