Cinemaker and Manager Cultural in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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Director, DP Cinematography, Journalist living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Studied arts with Charles Watson, graduated in Bachelor of Journalism and Audiovisual FACHA ( Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso ) Botafogo • RJ, with MBA latu sensu in Cultural Management and Production • FACHA.

Expertise • I have great experience in press officer, communication advisors, coordination and research for Media Planning and Content Marketing audiovisual Facebook / Instagram Ads. In the audiovisual sector I have an operational at screenplay, directing, editing, cinematography, production and finalization of contents for advertising, filmclips, videos institutional, cinematographic formats, and workshops, musical concerts, events, graphic design, strategic planning, branding and re-branding.

Worked in partnership with key clients Artistic Agency Zero Neutro SP, band "NatiRuts", Alexandre Carlo ( Musician and Composer ) Marcelo Yuka ( Drummer and composer • founder "O Rappa" ) Rafael Pondé ( Musician and Composer) Tibless ( Musician and composer ) Pedro Mamede ( Drummer NatiRuts ) .

Main projects developed

• Universal Pandeiro. Founded by musician Bernardo Aguiar with partners cinemakers Daniel Lobo and Hélio Rodrigues. More at : youtube.com/universalpandeiro

• Trium • Project Jazzdubbed • Artistic writing concept, manager films, photography • More at : about.me/trium

• "Zé Paulo Becker and Guests • Canal Brasil". Feat. of Ney Matogrosso, Yamandú Costa, Roberta Sá, Cainã Cavalcanti, Rogério Caetano among others. Cinematography and crew lighting.

• "Quartz", Solo project of musician Alexandre Carlo ( NatiRuts ).

Filmclip: "Waterfall Hair" • Script, directing, additional Cinematography and editor.

Link to filmclip view: https://youtu.be/ry2s3mWp9j4

•"Sessions Quartz" • Film from the creative process of the album "Quartz" by Alexandre Carlo • Directing, cinematography, editing and press release oficial .Link to view: https://youtu.be/qlbpNQ0lkw0


• "O Cidadão Caryuka” ( The Caryuka Citizen) doc, color, HD, short, 10', Brazil (2011/2012) Argument, writing and directing. Trailer at : https://vimeo.com/66745799

• "O Novíssimo Baiano" ( The Brand New Baiano) doc, short, HDV, color, 20 ',Brazil (2011 ) argument, writing and directing. Trailer at: https://vimeo.com/66762444

• "A Via d'Poesia" ( Poetry way ) doc, short, color, DVCAM, 17 ', Brazil (2010) argument, writing and directing. Trailer at : https://vimeo.com/6668349

portfolio at the link below vimeo and youtube

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