Heloise Eliot

Marketing Manager in Aveiro District, Portugal

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Born in Portugal in the 80s and raised between two countries (Portugal and England), I guess I can say that I don't really have a defined national identity, I'm just a citizen of the world, regardless of what my passport says. I've also learned a few other languages growing up, and I definitely feel lucky for having had the chance to - communicating effectively is the most important thing ever.

I have always been extremely interested in anything that allows humans to express themselves artistically, and always, always keen on learning more about new technologies, new cultures, new anything! If you were thinking I am a cat, you're somewhat right.

Helping others is also something that interests me quite a lot, no matter if they stand on two, four or no legs. And no, I won't list the causes I support, I'm not a show-off, I'm more of a behind the curtains type of person.

Although writing and reading are two of the main activities of my past training, I do not really enjoy discussing literature or sharing opinions regarding particular books. Yes, I have studied Literary Criticism, no, I do not enjoy picking books apart and telling others what the authors were thinking. My job is just making sure those books are something people should want to read.

I have completed a Masters in Business Management and Languages which has provided me with knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Sales, New Product Development and Brand Management - something I enjoy quite a lot. In fact, I'll state it here: I never imagined I'd love them as much as I do, especially because they're hard skills and I'm used to being on the soft skill side of things, but I guess I've grown enough to understand the real value of rationality and develop a true appreciation for those subjects. Live and learn!

Totally addicted to sports and for the past 13 years I have been practising kendo, which has become more than a physical activity, it is now my way of life. I guess that makes me a samurai at heart: disciplined, focused, loyal, perseverant. Honour matters in pretty much anything that concerns life, no matter how crazy this world gets.

Amateur food "pornographer", photographer and world connoisseur. I also love fashion, music, film and videogames. There's definitely more to life than RGB.

So that's more than enough about me, what about you?

  • Education
    • Master in Literary Criticism - English
    • Master in Business Management and Languages