Josh Alderson

🍀personal stuff🍀- I am pansexual and agender (strictly they/them please. If you misgender me on purpose I probably won't talk to you for a while. I have chronic depression, schizophrenia, ADD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), anxiety, and lots of other stuff that is not worth mentioning.

Please do not call me these things: slut, (attention) whore, skank, retard, or psycho.And please do not do these things to me (this mostly applies to/if you know me irl)

Please do not do the following: Don’t touch my face (unless we are very close friends) or pat my head, it makes me very uncomfortable. Do not call me by my birth name if you know it, it also makes me very uncomfortable. It reminds me of the past which is and was bad things.

Idk what this is like to draw, shitpost, and watch Netflix! I love youtube, and my favorite youtubers are filthy frank and Markiplier. My favorite videogames are The Evil Within and silent Hill! My favorite colors are Blue, purple, and turquoise. I also like anything pastel colored!

🍀kins🍀Main kin: Tavros Nitram (Homestuck)Other kins: Pinkie Pie (My little Pony), Finn the human (Adventure Time), and Josh washington (Until dawn)This is really long, sorry!!!! If you read all of this thank you so much!!! It means a lot !!