Writer in Hell, Michigan


Writer in Hell, Michigan

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Hi hello!!

so so I am ant/pipsqueak and this is about me :^

I am a smol man with a tendency to get angry, worried, and sad all at once over small things

I am agender and use he/they or it pronouns !

I'm a Homoflexible pan/aro flux

I don't have a qpp lol so if u got beef w my friends u can follow if u want but don't expect me to be there for u to vent to abt them :^)))

My main kintypes are:

-Ruby from Steven universe

-Louise from bobs burgers

- Peridot from Steven universe

Secondary kintypes:

- Homura from Madoka majicka

- Sardonyx from Steven Universe

If ur uncomf w following me bc u identify w them I completely understand !! I, however, am not uncomf w u following me if u share those kintypes

dm me a picture of Louise if u read this