Hellenismo- Comunità Hellena Italiana

Hellenismo, Comunità Hellena Italiana, is not a 'formal' association, nor has ever presented itself as such, or in competition with other associations of Gentiles, in Italy and in the rest of the world. On the contrary, Hellenismo applies and promotes dialogue and mutual cooperation among all those who are devoted to the Gods and share the values ​​of the Greek-Roman world. For this reason, it was never our interest to establish an association, rather we want to be a sort of 'bridge' between the different Traditions, following the ideals of unity and openness put into practice by rulers like Alexander, Adrian and Julian, and by philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Proclus. Always the Hellenic model and the Hellenic spirit have given the example and have caused and sustained the renaissance, it has already happened in the past, and our greatest hope is that it now will happen again: all our efforts are, and will always be, addressed only to achieve this goal. Europe, because of its deep spiritual and cultural roots, can and must be reborn again and this will only happen when the Europeans will remember these roots: then, they will wake up from the oblivion into which they are sunk, having remembered that there is an another possibility to live in a more just and beautiful way. Our duty, as devotees, lovers of our so ancient roots, and also as modern european citizens, is to help our lands and their peoples to free themselves from superstition and obscurantism, in all their forms, providing a real alternative and a choice.
We carry on research, reconstructing the domestic worship, rituals and festivities, so that correctness and philological validity may be united with devotional practice, and thus that may be again possible, for anyone who wishes it, to worship the Gods, without modern superimpositions and without defects due to ignorance and lack of concern for the divine things. The propagation of a correct knowledge about the precious legacy of our Ancestors and the reconstruction of the Cult are aimed to a practical application, so that to the contemporary human being is given again the opportunity to live according to one's true nature and by following the ancestral laws of our Forefathers, and not in a degraded and degrading way, as in the current situation.