Hi! My name is Eruka and I'm an asexual Ukrainian that loves cartoons, drawing, and gardening. I'm currently living in Florida. As of now, I'm unsure of my exact gender, so I'm alright with most pronouns except for she/her. I'm otherkin and fictionkin.

I can get upset and uncomfortable over LeviHan, TomCo, and RariJack so please don't post those ships!

Please tag the following:

- Serious religion mentions/pictures. I'm completely alright with jokes but if you're going to have a serious discussion, please tag it! If you're not going to tag it, you will be blocked.

- Real life gore. Cartoon/fiction gore can go untagged.

These are my kintypes:

- Frogkin

- Wolfkin

- Demonkin

And my fictional kintypes are:

- Eruka Frog

- Ymir

- The Panda Hero

- Tom the Demon

- Applejack

- Meulin Leijon

- Hanji Zoe

- Norn (Demon Street)

- Volk (Nu Pagadi)

- Nicole Watterson

Thanks for reading! Hope we can be friends!