Andriyah Anouvongs

Good day, I am Andriyah (pronounced as ahn-dree-yah). I am a teen who grew up in two very different cultures like some other people. I enjoy music a lot. Specifically "underground" hip hop and some other genres. My favorite artists include Epik High, Kero One, Crucial Star, Zion.T, Dumbfoundead, Jae Park, etc. I play the viola. I aspire to be an interior designer someday. I am a bit more mature, maybe not by much to some people. I am a little too nice and blunt. I can be very lazy, but if I put my head into something I can do well. I also like helping people. I absolutely dislike the feeling of being helpless. I am inspired by Daniel Armand Lee a.k.a Tablo. I don't know what else to put.