Ho Seok Oh

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ho Seok (Brandon) was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, and received a B.Eng. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Hongik University, Seoul in 2003. After moving to Canada, he then spent several years in the Arts and Science Department at University of Toronto as an undergraduate student again where he studied Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics, and received a Honours B.Sc. in November, 2012.

His primary interest is Big Data analysis and Machine Learning techniques with particular emphasis on quantitative analysis and predictive modeling. Through these studies, he is able to acquire a diverse set of practical skills, but more importantly, the ability to discern a problem and promptly develop different analytical perspectives towards its solution in real life situations. Combining the theoretical approach of applied science and the hands-on experience of several professtional firms, he is able to access a wide range of problem solving strategies and design structural methods for solutions. He has demonstrated some of these strengths in projects related to applications development and relevant research in previous companies.

  • Education
    • University of Toronto