Ritsu's Ego

Anime addict in Japan

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Hey, i'm Ritsu's Ego but you can call me Ghost. I enjoy anime, video games and music. I was born in germany in 1999, so that makes me 18 years old. My english is not really the best but i'm trying my hardest to improve it everyday.

Q: What games do you like to play?

A: Well, i pretty much play everything. From MMORPGs to Rhythm games. But my favourite video game series is probably the GTA series!

Q: What's your favourite anime?

A: K-On! I really love K-On but i cant really tell why since it's like every other slice of life anime. I really dont know, it just made me happier than any other anime i've watched. But i pretty much like every anime from Kyoani!

Q: Since when do you watch anime and what was your first anime?

A: uhh good question. I think it was like 2009 and my first anime was Naruto. Then i had a huge anime break. After that i discovered all that moe stuff and that was like July 2016 when i first saw ReLife.

Q: What music are you listening to?

A: Mostly underground hip hop and rap (Bones, Ghostemane, etc...). Other than that i also listen to EDM.