Marisa Passantino

San Francisco, CA

Marisa grew up in the suburb of Belmont in the San Francisco Bay Area. Traveling is her strongest passion; she thrives on meeting new people, immersing herself in new and unfamiliar surroundings, and learning about other cultures as well as other ways of life. She also greatly enjoys dance and physical fitness. She comes from a large, predominantly Italian family. Her parents are first generation Americans. She is engaged to her love of almost 8 years, John. She is a recent university graduate. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communications with a focus on Public Relations, and a minor in Business Economics.

Professionally, Marisa is a driven individual, specializing in event planning, marketing, and organization. She currently is in charge of the marketing department for Alborzi Orthodontics, Inc., a highly experienced premier orthodontist in the Bay Area. Marisa is enthusiastic, energetic, and pays great attention to detail, as well as demonstrates strong leadership and team management skills. Her integrity, as well as her personal accountability for results, have always been well respected.