Basel, Bucharest, London

We started in 2007 with 2 people, lots of passion and 3 accounts. We barely payed our rent and gas. Startup times were tough but we kept going. We gave up on our cars and bought bicycles. We gave up on our office after 6 months and moved into a friend's coffee shop.

We started doing branding and illustration projects for bigger advertising agencies while keeping our accounts. In 2008 things started to get a little smoother and some friends joined us on the new projects (designers, architects, copywriters, software producers and account executives, very nice people).

We've been subcontracted by Momentum (Mccann Erickson Group) and worked for great brands such as: Heineken, Coke Cola, Burn, Subaru, UPC.

Apart from Mccann's jobs we've also worked for Unilever/Algida, Reckitt Benckiser/Vanish, Groupe Société Générale (subcontracted from Pygmalion Advertising) and we've consulted and designed some lovely start-ups from scratch: Bunătărie, Aviziero, Sucita Goodies, Atelierul de Producție and more.

Please enjoy a small selection of our work on www.hellomenthol.com. The showcase includes Brand Strategy + Design, Creative Direction, Graphic Design.