About Me

Morna is a soulful individual born in Japan and raised in the sunshine state of Southern California. She is a Lifelong Partner and Wife to her high school sweetheart, Maurice. They both have built a Life revolving around a military lifestyle and since have brought 3 beautiful souls into this world and adopted a fluffy pup to add to the mix. With having many aspirations in Life and wanting the ability to obtain a job, Morna has felt her place was at home and be hands on with every growing experience that each of her kids go through, this is what makes her heart feel full and her purpose in Life for the time being. While being at home does oppose certain weaknesses that do not provide much personal growth in her individual Life, Morna continues to try to seek self help guides to utilize in her life that keep her balanced and on track. To be able to tap into your soul and understand what your soul needs to flourish, she has felt that sharing her self reflections can help those who seek the tools needed to overcome personal battles. Life is full of challenges and obtacles, but the heart is meant to stay enriched with Love and Kindess, with oneself and to the World. To stay pure to your soul's content, it is key to stay connected to your mind, body, and surrounding.