Marian P.

Experience in end to end / full cycle recruiting, client management, customer service, training.
Other experiences include:

- C-level executives in various industries including: consulting, auditing, mining, technology,
entertainment, healthcare, supply chain, consumer goods, and others

- Worked with companies located in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, China, Korea,
Japan, the Philippines, Russia, and others

- Assisted in client relations, including but not limited to: creating presentation decks,
research materials, profile presentations, resume revisions, appointment setup for calls or
video conference facilities

- Advanced proficiency in various web applications and site functions, including: Asana,
Google (Documents, Apps, Mail, Calendar, Drive, Voice, etc), LinkedIn, Monster, The Ladders,
Wordpress, etc

- Advanced proficiency in various programs, including Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Bullhorn,
Dropbox, Phrase Express, and other programs. Very adaptive and tech savvy

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  • Work
    • Associate Consultant in a global recruitment firm