Mathias Hellquist

Chief Geek Extraordinaire by day. Photographer by night. Architect Of The Apocalypse, Father, Geek, Guitarist and Headbanger all hours.

11 of my last 14 years I have spent in London, working for digital agencies such as I-D Media, Halogen, Dare and Profero, where I used to be the most Swedish guy in the room. In December of 2009 I moved back to Sweden though, where I today most often is the most English guy in the room.

I have yet to encounter an online problem that I can not solve or can not explain why it can't be solved. I learn (at least) one new thing every day and this is important to me, as it firstly was my curiosity that took me into this business and I'm basically working with my hobby, but also to ensure I stay on top, and preferably ahead, of things.

I am passionate about technology, amazing user experiences, social media, accessibility online, API's, Open Source and visionary forward thinking based on real problems of today, creating more business value for colleagues and clients as well as having fun, all at the same time.