Helmi Agha

Social Worker in Kissimmee, Florida

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Helmi Agha is Imam and executive director at American Muslim Leadership Council. Helmi Agha lives in Kissimmee, Florida and he has been associated with American Muslim Leadership Council (AML) for the last 5 years.

At AML council, he conducts multiple educational, recreational, and spiritual programs. The council is working on creating a safe environment and communities.

Helmi Agha has always worked on promoting peace among different ethnic groups. He manages different educational programs and gives aright approach to handle multiple issues. He has been working on promoting spiritualism and peace among young kids.

At AML, Helmi Agha and his colleagues are providing different services. The services include social services, marriage services, and scholarships for young kids. AML Council has been a part of different social services, and they have been providing a great solution to the issues that Muslim community face.

His skills include leadership, public speaking, and fundraising. He has been providing public speaking coaching to kids at AML Council. Public speaking is a vital skill that every kid should have.

It allows you to speak for your rights and it gives you the confidence to speak in meetings, conferences, and other public speaking forums.

They provide all the assistance to those in need, and they also offer marriage services for Muslim couples. Helmi Agha has always tried to promote peace among young Muslims.