Helmut Reinelt

From time to time it happens that there is a situation or a story popping up in my mind. Mostly it tends to vanish into one of the big underground storage areas in my brain after a short while of keeping me busy with thinking about it. But it almost never disappears completely.

When I stumble upon one of these thoughts again it may happen that I am so fascinated by it that I try to get it out of my head into a form that is part of our standard set of human interaction and communication capabilities. A picture, a photo, a film or a text.

Usually this turns out to be an almost impossible task. The process of translating from thought to language or image involves so much encoding work that in the end I am sitting in front of my monitor just wondering. It is a bit like looking at some one other’s work. Weired.

Nevertheless I tend to love the results.

Not every one, but most of them