Helmut Schimpfke

New York City

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I have developed a Mega-Dimensional model which I truly believe is a missing link (necessity) for the information age.

I am planning to teach that model/method 1.1 (For FREE, my Tweets are 1.0) on the Internet to anyone interested in expanding his or her ability to find new connections between seemingly disparate ideas, theories and concepts outside traditionally imposed academic boundaries. At this point the seminar will be available in the hope that people will use it especially, but not only, for the improvement and/or restructuring of Information Architecture and/or Interdisciplinary Study.


WHO NEEDS mega-dimensions ? "EVERYBODY DOES" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHILDREN: For pre-school education, perception and consciousness raising.

YOUTH & ADULTS: For social skills and communication, identity development, psychological awareness, civics and citizenship. To cope in a complex world.

EDUCATION & SCIENCE: Every scientific branch can better be understood using my mega-dimensional concepts. Interdisciplinary study needs Mega-D.

BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY: The economy (GNP), business models, information and marketing strategy makes more sense utilizing Mega-D.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Can be better explained by using Mega-D.

POLITICS & RELIGIONS: All of these institutions and thought patterns are systems. In the past, present and future, these systems are based on human perception and mega-dimensional concepts, even if people are not aware of it.

ALTERNATIVE MOVEMENTS & MISFITS: Counter-culture and grassroots movements can get a head start by taking advantage of my mega-dimensional ideas. This Mega-D model can help people ( user ) to explain the difference between established order, alternative notion and downright dysfunction.

Find out more ( including INFO-GLUT & Mega-D ) by using the links below. Or Email: schimpfke@mac.com