HELICOPTER - a most versatile photo platform

HELICOPTER - a most versatile photo platform

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Dear Friends of Photography,

See the advantage with real life photography and the bright vision for attention and imagine the improved customer exposure with our unique and powerful Airborne Flash Photography.

Our imagery is not computer generated images, this give us a creative advantage to mediate your achievements with real life photography.

We also photograph any subject matters world wide, with or without our specialized flash system.

Feel free to get back to us with any questions you may have regarding possible photography assignments and let us show you what we got!

// Claes AxstålCarpe Momentum Photography

Sweden: +46 708 65 42 42

Satellite Phone: +8816 31 44 77 97

Email: axstal(at)gmail.com

FYI: This photo was captured with a Canon camera & our CMP A-System.