Help Educate A Child

Established in the year 1990, we, “Help Educate A Child”, are non profit organization engaged in Lending a Helping Hand Towards a Noble Cause. The main objective of our organization is to facilitate the educational environment in the schools, by providing educational material, and improving infrastructure. We provide anything that will help in promoting the learning experience of the child. Currently, we are working to improve the lives of the poor and underprivileged children. Our organization puts in its best efforts to improve the living standards of a child by promoting education. The team members involved with us consult the teachers to know directly what is required by the schools. We also stay in touch with the teachers in order to find sponsors to donate for it, either by cash or in kind.

Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, our organization has started its work with 4 schools in a very remote region in this state. We provide educational material such as books and other study aids to children, canvas shoes for them, uniform cloth for all 170 students in the 4 schools, 5 rolls of barbed wire, for temporary fencing around the school area (as the vegetable patch grown by the children was being eaten by wandering cattle). We have been able to provide services in an efficient manner with the help of teachers, who work in these schools. They work in close coordination with each other and go beyond their parameters for the welfare of school and students. Mid day meals and transport of all goods for the students are also arranged by these teachers. With the help of our active and efficient team members, we are trying hard to improve the lives of children. Moreover, our team members help in overcoming the hurdles that come in our way of noble cause.