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Consultant, Volunteer, and Small Business Owner in Queens, New York

Helping Hands

New York’s Premier Business Admin and Errand Services | 929-245-9034


Helping Hands; is a premier administrative and errand service providing an extra hand for busy New Yorkers and startup businesses. We specialize in providing an extra hand for the average New Yorker as well as administrative assistance for companies of any size. We take pride in our service and guarantee 100 % satisfaction, Honesty and to always complete any task given in a timely manner.

Who can use our service?

As a freelance consultant and administrative assistant, there have been countless times I hear owners of companies and your average person saying “I wish I had a hand “. We all know at times there just isn’t enough time on your schedule to get certain tasks completed. Some companies may not have the budget to hire a full time employee for tasks that can be completed in a nick of time. This is when Helping Hands premier service comes to the rescue! We provide service to all who need a helping hand.

What Services do we offer?

We offer services as little as delivering an important package or files to a certain location. To offering administrative services as creating invoices, creating filing systems, Spreadsheets, Customer service, Event setup Etc. Anything that comes to mind 95 % of the time we can handle the job for you.

How does it work?

Simple way to get a hand, you can either email the task that you need done to, or call 929-245-9034 and give us a brief summary of the task that needs to be done. Once the task is received we will give you an immediate response stating whether this is a task we can handle and if we can how much we will charge to do the task.

If you agree, we will put you in our calendar and our mission will be to make sure the task gets completed exactly as asked or its FREE!

We also do contracted work, meaning if you have a task that has to be completed every month or once a week; You can book a hand to have this task completed without you thinking about it, sort of like automatic payment on a bill. We accept all inquiries!