Helping Hands

Orlando, Florida, United States

Helping Hands -- Wedding Assistants

The most memorable day of your life should be fun, exciting and most of all stress free. Too often, brides and grooms are so preoccupied by the minor details of their wedding they are unable to enjoy the moment. Do not allow the minor details of your wedding to overload your thoughts. Let us handle the small stuff so you can enjoy the celebration.

We are a vibrant and energetic female duo driven by an urge to help and a need to assist. We understand the difficulty of planning a wedding and how costly hiring a wedding planner can be. We also understand that family, relatives and friends are there to share in your celebration, not to be your helping hands (although we are sure they are glad to be of assistance). For these reasons, we are offering to assist with your wedding.

We assist in making sure decorations are in place, vendors are present, guests are organized and the bride and groom are worry free. Please be aware that we do not function as wedding coordinators or day laborers. If you have other needs in mind that seem outside of our scope, we are open to discussion.

Please contact us with your wedding day needs and we will provide a reasonable price quote



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