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The Windows 10 File Explorer is one of the main operating system processes; It depends on functions such as notifications, the desktop, the task-bar, the Start menu and much more. That is to say, that it is a fundamental process, so the problems that can affect it limit, and much, the operation of a computer. It is possible that in specific situations it shows that Windows 10 File Explorer does not respond. What can we do?

Quick Access How to Get Help in Windows 10

There are several options to solve this problem when File Explorer does not respond to Windows 10 computers. The easiest, fastest and most common is to press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard of our computer to display the Task Manager. From here, we would simply have to scroll to the Processes tab, locate the file explorer and right click on it to End the process. In this way, we will force the operating system itself to restart the Windows 10 file explorer.

Solution to the problem 'File Explorer does not respond' in Windows 10 what can we do if it happens to us?

Another possible solution is to use Command Prompt, the command console that Windows 10 has. We can execute Command Prompt as administrator, and once here we will have to enter the command ' taskkill / f / im explorer.exe ', which is responsible for finalizing the process related to the file explorer of Windows 10, but in an alternative way to the one we mentioned earlier. Normally, it will restart on its own, as in the previous step, but we can force it to start again with the ' start explorer ' command .exe'

Occasionally, the problem 'file explorer does not respond', on computers with Windows 10 operating system, is due to a problem with an external storage drive and temporary file management. In this case, the best option is to restart the computer by disconnecting the external drives, such as card readers. In this way, if temporary files have been generated based on the files of the external drive, they will be deleted and the automatic detection of the card reader WindowsCall