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As-salamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

In Islam, There is a lot of importance of Islamic schools or Madarsa are the forts, source of knowledge and guidance to the new generation.
Allah says in the holy quran. Behold, it is this [kind of man] that thrusts the orphan away, (2) and feels no urge to feed the needy. (3)
Allah’s prophet MOhammed (pbuh) said I and the guardian of an Orphan will be in heaven like this he showed his two fingers (Bukhari & Muslim)
Keeping in mind the above verses or Quran & hadith, a person of our village has donated land to build an Islamic Madarsa for Orphan Poor and Needy children

Sponsor an Orphan for a year only in $50 dollar educate him or her!
They will pray for you Insha Allah

We need your help to raise $ 20000 urgently in order to complete the purchase and Construct the building Insha Allah

Where Islamic education will be provided. Till date the children are getting Islamic education in a home
Which is in appropriated condition
.Our society has decided to build construct on it Islamic Madarsa now which is on rent as soon as possibel
Every month we they have to pay rent for madarsa
And childrens are orphan and poor they can’t pay the fees
Alhamdulillah the work has already started and therefore we request you to help us in the good cause by donating money or building materials to be a member in receiving sawab-e-jaria Jazakallah

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