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What is a virus?

Understanding an issue is half the solution. So we focus on identifying the threats to your PC. These threats are generally referred to as a virus. Viruses are your PC's biggest enemy but they are not the only one; we also have malware, adware and spyware to handle. Allow us to understand these a little better.

• Virus - Virus is much like bad computer software or we can say a malicious software code. These codes may damage your pc system, network as well as the internet itself. They're able to crash your personal computer due to which you may suffer data loss.
• Adware - Adware generally come as attachments with various software and get downloaded and set up in your system without your knowledge. They make your personal computer slow and corrupt files. They through advertisement pop-ups and annoy everyone.
• Spyware - Spyware is spread exactly the same way as Adware. But these are not as easy to remove as it recreates itself and hides deep inside your hard disk. They could spy on your surfing habits; steal your banking and other private data for illegal activities.
• Malware - Short for malicious software, it is made up of programming (code, scripts, active content, and also other software) designed to disrupt or deny operation of the personal or business computers. It gathers information that may result in loss of privacy or exploitation. It gains unauthorized access to system resources, and use it for other abusive behaviour.