Idil Jama & Hamdi Mohamed

This summer we have received the opportunity to go to Somali with World Wide Somali and Professional (WSSP): Operation Restore Home to not only further our advocacy work but to also help our brothers and sisters. The Operation Restore Home project aims to mobilize a 1000 talented and committed Somali youth to go back home in July 2012. The purpose of the trip is to bring tangible changes in the region in the priority areas which are Agriculture, Medicine, and Education by pooling the resources of all those involved in the project on the ground and around the world.

In July 2011, when the UN declared a famine in Somalia and millions of people were without food and water assistance, the majority being women and children, we were heartbreak. Both of us have helped raise over a $10,000 for famine relief efforts and donated over 500 hours of community service work. We are truly dedicated to social justice, social awareness and human rights.

If you sponsor our advocacy work, you will know your helping build a generation of new leaders who will make this world a better place. The cost of my journey to work in Somalia is $6,000. All donation would be greatly appreciated (see Paypal link below)! We will return with a documentary to show where your contribution went. When you make a donation your name will appear on our site. You could also benefit by sending us your company or brand name/logo and we'll distribute this on our site and event. Further, we'llupdate this page whenever we receive internet access in Somalia.

Thank you for your time and support!


Hamdi & Idil