Heba Elshandidy

Heba Elshandidy is a Researcher at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University. She is an interdisciplinary researcher with an interest in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Security, Information Management, Databases, Software Quality, big data, cloud computing, and Software Engineering (i.e. Requirements Engineering, Agile Software Development, Software Product Lines, Verification & Validation, and Testing). She obtained her MSc in securing MANETs from internal/external adversaries while offering high QoS through adopting the mathematical information dispersal algorithm.

As Elshandidy strongly believes that education is a prime pillar in any country's infrastructure, she served in the academic life for almost a decade with the focus of university teaching. The very positive experience she had during her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Helwan University greatly impacted her teaching methods and helped her in creating a fruitful friendly educational experience for her students.

Prior to academia, Elshandidy was a member in the Swimming Egyptian National team for a decade. This is a crucial part of her life that highly contributed to the person she is now. Sports in general and swimming in particular have been and still very important to Elshandidy; she do believe that one cannot serve his/her country better without attaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercising and eating fresh organic unsaturated fat food.

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