Helver Johan Peña Gordillo

Student and Software Engineer in Colombia

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Hi, I'm Helver Johan. I was born in January 1995.I am a student who lives in Colombia. I am a fan of music, technology and video games. I'm also interested in football and cinema. You can enter the page that I recommend, you must click on the button above.

I like programming a lot, I like to go out for the weekend with my family I live in Bogotá D.C. but I was born in Garagoa Boyacá. He lived with my mom, my sister and a nephew, I like football and video games.

I would like in the future to develop my own application and have my own company. I would like to learn to play guitar and some vocal technique, study at a school in Boyacá, then perform military service, work with my sister in a store in Bogotá, study at SENA, work as an accounting software advisor and study systems engineer.

I really like pasta and chicken, I like to travel and share with other people, I am cheerful and very romantic.