Helyn van Staveren


My name is Helyn van Staveren.

I have a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina. I'm graduated from the Secondary program with a major in English and minor in Drama. Currently, I am finishing up my second degree, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English. I plan to complete this degree by April 2015.

I was raised on a farm the majority of my life by Creelman, Saskatchewan. I graduated from "33" Central School in Fillmore with a class size of 11. Since I was brought up around such a small town, I was and still am involved in the community. I enjoy helping out at the community rink and I like curling. Recently I acted with my dad in the Annual Creelman Dinner theatre and I had so much fun.

I enjoy reading and I love getting different ideas for fiction stories and poems.

I've always enjoyed playing basketball and throughout the time I was in school I played with the basketball team. We took our 1A team to HOOPLA during the three years of my high school. In University, I managed to get a team together to play in Intramurals. I love being fit and playing sports. One day I hope to coach my own team.

I'll be finishing my degree up after this semester and then I plan on taking another year and getting my second degree in the Arts. I'm pretty excited.

Many teachers in my school years influenced me to become a teacher. There were many gifted teachers who gave me the passion to become a teacher. I cannot wait to start my career.

  • Education
    • University of Regina