Hemankur Upadhyaya


Brought up in a transforming and exciting India, amidst highly competitive environment with restricted options to think and explore. But, simultanelusly providing an excellent opportunity for understandign the reasons behind such restrictions and successfully overcoming them.

Currently, in another developing nation, Indonesia, trying to create a sustainable business in metals and mining sector. I have been a founding memeber of a mining start-up (which expanded into metals) and reached turnover of 52+ Million in 2012 and raised 100+ Million in financing. Opportunity has provided me with several anxious and exciting moments, together with umpteen challenges to accomplish tasks. There is no senses of accomplishment better than when you build something that creates value.

Now, trying to challenge myself with new ideas and insightful thinking, with an ultimate objective to leave a dent in the universe while enjoying the process for the same.

  • Work
    • Finance, Operations and General Management
  • Education
    • Mechanical Engineer (IIT, Delhi); PGDBM (MDI, Gurgaon)